Bursary Overview

The School offers a number of full-fee bursaries, which we call 'sponsored awards', to assist those parents of academically bright boys who otherwise could not contemplate private education. These awards are only available at 11+ and 16+.

A sponsored award will cover full tuition fees. Under normal circumstances such awards will only be made where gross parental income is below £45,000, and capital assets will also be taken into account. Sponsored awards are not available to boys currently at independent schools unless they currently receive a full fee bursary.

At 11+ sponsored award candidates will sit a screening award reasoning test in December. Those candidates who are successful will then proceed to the entrance examinations in January and the parents will be asked to complete a confidential statement of financial circumstances in support of their application.

If a candidate is unsuccessful in the screening test, they will not be able to proceed to the entrance examinations.

Sponsored awards assist those parents of academically very bright boys, who otherwise could not contemplate private education.

The Chapel Royal

The Chapel Royal Choir is made up of six Gentlemen-in-Ordinary, ten choristers, an Organist and Choirmaster and a Sub-Organist. The boys are traditionally known as the Children of the Chapel Royal, and wear the distinctive State uniform introduced at the Restoration in 1660. The boys attend City of London School, and receive a Choral Scholarship to the value of 30% of school fees from the time they become choristers until they reach the end of Fifth form. Boys join the Choir as Probationers, becoming full choristers when one of the existing ten choristers leaves. Please note that the Choral Scholarship does not begin until the Probationer becomes a full Chorister.

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Boys normally audition for the choir aged 7 or 8, although it is possible for older boys to be considered. A successful audition will be followed by an academic assessment by City of London School, normally when a boy is in Year 4 at his current school. Subject to success in these assessments, a conditional offer will be made to join Old Grammar (Year 6) for the year in which they turn 10 years of age. To satisfy the conditions of the offer, boys must remain a member of the Choir and be successful in the School’s 10+ selection process.

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The Temple Choir

Candidates for entry to the School may also apply for choristerships at the Temple Church. The choristers of this choir are traditionally pupils at the School and for the number of terms that they are members of the choir receive choral bursaries whose value is approximately two-thirds of the School fees at any time. A choristership can only be awarded if the candidate has also met the normal requirements for entrance to the School.

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Potential choristers take auditions and academic tests between the ages of 8 and 9; successful candidates will be offered a conditional place in the School for the year in which they are 10.  


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