We are proud to belong to the City of London Corporation

The City of London Corporation is the governing body of the City of London, the historic centre of London and home to much of the UK's financial sector - the "Square Mile". The Corporation is probably the world's oldest continuously-elected democracy and predates Parliament.

Both businesses and residents of the City are entitled to vote in elections, and in addition to its functions as the local authority – analogous to those undertaken by the boroughs that administer the rest of London – it takes responsibility for supporting the financial services industry and representing its interests.

The Corporation's structure includes the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, the Court of Common Council, and the Freemen and Livery of the City. The City of London developed a unique form of government which led to the system of parliamentary government at local and national level.

Today the Corporation is a uniquely diverse organisation centred at Guildhall. It has a special role and wide remit that goes beyond that of an ordinary local authority with three main aims:

  • To support and promote London as the world's leading international financial and business centre and to attract new business to the capital and the whole UK
  • To work in partnership with local communities to increase skills, employment and opportunities for all Londoners, including through the City Bridge Trust
  • To enhance the capital as a hub of culture, history and green spaces for Londoners – residents, workers, and visitors

City of London School is grateful for the support offered to it by the Corporation.

  • For further information about the history of the Corporation of the City of London, click here
  • For information about the Corporation today, click here
Its constitution is rooted in the ancient rights and privileges enjoyed by citizens before the Norman Conquest in 1066.

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