Developing our pupils' skills and creativity

Education at CLS is about challenge and enjoyment. It teaches the importance of constructive questioning and instils a sense of responsibility so that the boys can think afresh and contribute positively to the lives of those around them.

It encourages them to appreciate the wonders of the world, the strengths of others, and the contribution of all those who have gone before. It fosters individual growth and encourages generosity of spirit.

It cements the importance of friendship and nourishes the joy in life that lies at the heart of personal happiness and fulfilment.

The School is as diverse as the city of London itself, as reflected in our pupil body, and we celebrate that diversity, respecting and cherishing each pupil as an individual.

Our aims and values:

  • Aspiration
    We value aspiration and achievement of all sorts, both within and outside the curriculum, encouraging the highest ambition and personal commitment, and supporting individual strengths and interests.

  • Confidence
    We celebrate achievement without arrogance and the importance of sportsmanship. We encourage boys to develop their skills in leadership, recognising the strength to be derived from working with others and from listening to different points of view.
  • Independence of thinking
    We seek to instil a love of learning and intellectual curiosity, promoting informed questioning and debate, and self-motivated, self-directed learning.

  • Resilience
    We promote self-discipline, resourcefulness and initiative. Alongside this, we seek to develop a proper appreciation of self and an understanding of the richness of friendship and spiritual growth in adding depth and meaning to life.

  • Courtesy
    We develop a sense of mutual respect, consideration for others and an appreciation of the richness and diversity of the values, beliefs and people of the world we live in.

  • Generosity
    We uphold strong moral values, honesty and integrity, valuing service to others and charitable giving, and recognise in doing so that we ourselves are strengthened and enriched.


If we can develop a pupil's individual talent and skill, teach him to want to learn, and provide values that support him in demanding times ahead, we shall be happy.


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