Michael Read (Class of 1950)

5 Jan 1934 – 28 Jan 2022

It is with great sadness that I report the death of my father, Michael Sidney Macintyre Read. Michael had a life well lived and he coveted the years he spent as a pupil at CLS (1946-1950). His time at the school defined his drive to ensure that his children and then grandchildren could be afforded similar academic opportunities. During his time he also made many lifelong friends who would influence and facilitate his future career choices, whilst also providing opportunities for him in his working life.

Although not an excellent scholar Michael was a cheeky chappie who was willing to test most boundaries. He would have loved personally to have stayed through for the sixth form however his home circumstances did not allow this to happen and so he left at the age of 16. Occasionally his approach to life (and study) got him on the wrong side of the strict late 1940’s trouble-ometer and he would sometimes, with a wry smile, recount the time he stuffed blotting paper down his trousers in his vain attempt to soak up the sting of the cane!

Michael spent the next ten years working for the Post Office, joined the RAF, the Government Chemist Laboratory and then finally the London Stock Exchange before deciding he wanted to get a professional qualification. He worked four menial jobs to enable him to study to become a chartered surveyor and a few years after qualifying he became a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors – something he was truly proud of achieving. This then remained his career until he retired and then spent the best part of the next 28 years dividing his time between France/UK and travelling the world.

His time at CLS had left such an impact that he then sought out and joined the John Carpenter Club. He became truly involved and in time held positions on the committee so that he could continue to enjoy the camaraderie alongside like-minded souls. In addition to this, he also steered me, Jérôme Read , to the school for my secondary academic years for which I remain eternally grateful.

Michael passed away peacefully, in comfort and I had the absolute privilege of being alone with him at this moment. He was listening to his favourite music, I was holding his hand, stroking his temple, whilst talking him through his many lifetime challenges and achievements when he took his last breath. In passing he leaves behind his devoted wife (my mother) Edith of nearly 60 years; his 3x daughters Veronique, Christabel and Lucretia; and his 4x grandchildren Sami, Hunter, Bella and Ravi

… oh, and me.

A life well lived Dad – thankyou.

Jérôme Read
(CLS 1979-1986)