Mentoring & work shadowing, Become a host

The John Carpenter Club, in partnership with CLS, is actively looking for Old Citizens who can provide work shadowing or experience opportunities for recent alumni. Current opportunities on offer can be found here - if you'd like to participate find out more below. 

With thanks to the following Old Citizens who have already offered work experience or mentoring opportunities.

Jonathan Bregman (Class of 1993), Neil Edwards (Class of 1982), John Gee-Grant (Class of (1984), Russell Jones (Class of 1977)Dov Katz (Class of 1992),Stephen Kelly (Class of 1984),
Paul Marmor (Class of 1983), Neil Morisetti (Class of (1975), Richard Oblath (Class of 1972), Neel Patel (Class of 1997), Bruce Todd (Class of 1968), Vagish Vela (Class of 2007),

What are we looking for?

We are looking for host firms to provide work experience opportunities to the more recent alumni, so that they can:-

1.    gain insights into the professions, industry and the workplace generally;
2.    enhance their employability in what is an increasingly challenging environment, where employability turns on work experience;
3.    enhance their CVs, to make them appear more rounded as individuals;
4.    better consider life and career choices;
5.    seek guidance;
6.    help to expand their professional networking base.

Type of experience

The host will provide experience which could, for instance, include giving the alumni opportunities to:-

-      attend meetings as an observer;
-      attend work-related events, including lunches and coffee sessions, team and department meetings;
-      participate in webinars and seminars;
-      participate in client-facing activities;
-      read into files;
-      experience a range of activities appropriate to the particular workplace (whether it be attending on surveys, Court hearings, audits, dress rehearsals, project-management);
-      obtain a reference letter indicating the range of skills demonstrated and activities experienced.

Paid schemes

It is inappropriate for a host to ask an alumnus to carry out actual work from which the host could derive an actual and tangible benefit but, nevertheless, if a host is willing to provide paid work by way of a formal internship, then the host is welcome to do so, and paid work is also encouraged.

What is to be avoided is a situation in which the alumnus is effectively working gratis, which goes against the spirit of what we are trying to organise.


Schemes can last for a few days to a week, or several weeks, or indeed a month or as long as a host is prepared to offer.  The scheme can be in person or virtual.

Existing work schemes and internships

If your place of work is already offering internships or work experience of any kind, then please feel free to share this with us.

Further information

This scheme is being organised by the CLS Alumni Team, in partnership with the John Carpenter Club.   If you would like more information, or to participate  either as a host or on the scheme, then please contact Kate Wallace, Alumni Engagement Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 020 3680 6314. For more information on the role of a host please contact Paul Marmor, JCC committee member on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0207 478 9010.