Mentoring Spotlight: David & Pravin

Solicitor Advocate David Rosen (Class of 1991), owner of David Rosen & Co mentors University of Warwick undergraduate Pravin Daryanani (Class of 2022). We asked them to talk about their experiences.

How did Pravin approach you?
Pravin found me on LinkedIn. He saw a post from another student mentioning me and saw that I was an Old Citizen and made contact.

What made you accept an approach from Pravin?
In short, anyone from City is pushing at an open door with me, if they want work experience, subject to a satisfactory CV, and a penchant for law.

How did you think you could help other Old Citizens?
I have nearly 25 years’ of post-qualification experience in litigation, so I have lived and breathed all things legal for nearly half of my life, and I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to give as a solicitor-advocate with higher rights of audience in all proceedings. I am passionate about law. I lecture as a full academic Professor of Professional Practice at Brunel University Law School, one day a week, and my passion is always to inspire and mentor the next generation, especially from my alma mater.

What form did your mentoring relationship with Pravin take?
I am a sole-practitioner and therefore Pravin had an exclusive audience with me for a week, where he could ask whatever he wished about the law and a career.

Previously I was partner and head of litigation in a medium-sized law firm, but currently, it is just me in a room at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, the proverbial mecca of all things litigious situated behind the High Courts of Justice in Holborn, and a short distance from school.

Pravin was given some research work, and some review work at the end of which we spoke and he gave me his thoughts, and I gave him my feedback.

We have kept in touch since work experience and I have been guiding him through the conundrum of all things legal, including applications, and what to say, and not say; arranging for him time with a High Court Judge to shadow.

What would you say to other Old Citizens who are thinking of becoming a mentor to another alumnus?
Becoming a mentor is thoroughly rewarding. It is about giving back to a school that gave everything to its students unconditionally.

What did you get out of having Pravin come and do work experience with you?
I had the honour and privilege of having with me a very bright and capable student. Of course we compared the school with my times and his. Nothing much changed in terms of competitive edge, the eccentricity of some students and teachers, and an unspoken and infectious enthusiasm that runs through the veins of all City boys.

CLS Alumni Mentee


How did you choose David as a mentor?
After having worked with David, and having been treated as a trainee solicitor, rather than just some random work experience fellow, I realised there was mutual respect and a genuine interest in my career moving forwards. His experience and passion for the law is inspiring. I could think of no better person to mentor me.

What kind of advice did you ask David and how did he help?
I asked David about absolutely everything that came to mind. I asked him about careers, advocacy techniques, and his particular avenue of law which is commercial litigation (counter fraud and counter corruption), together with divorce and finance. He also started to teach me how to formulate a legal argument: Legal reasoning and relevance.

How did David’s advice/actions support your career goals?
I was clearer as to what I wanted to do, and has re-affirmed my desire to be a solicitor. He was instrumental in assisting me with my application for a corporate solicitor programme which in turn, I hope leads to improving my chances of getting a training contract.

What would you say to other Old Citizens thinking of using the alumni network to further their career, was there any difference about working with an Old Citizen?
There was a shared history and work ethic. It is particularly useful in understanding how to get from school to success in a career.
The alumni network is expanding. Many of Old Citizens are engaged and in due course, I am sure there will be more! I hope this story inspires others to think of supporting fellow Old Citizens in this way.

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