Alumni Volunteering Opportunities

Old Citizens regularly support pupils by sharing their knowledge, insight, and experiences. Take a look at the opportunity below and click 'I can help' if you can participate.

Even if you can't help this time, please let us know you'd like to help in general by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line  'Alumni Volunteering'. Thank you to all those who already volunteer with us.

Junior Sixth Form Careers Exploration: Tuesday 19 March 2024: 11:30am-1.15pm

The Future Guidance Team is introducing a new Careers Networking event for Junior Sixth formers, to give pupils an insight into a broad and diverse range of careers. Pupils from CLSG will also be in attendance as part of our joint City+ programme.

We are looking to offer as wide a range of professions as possible and would love to hear from you whatever your field of work. Meeting you could inspire pupils to open their eyes to possibilities they have not considered. This event is, however, about more than finding out about career opportunities, but is aimed at helping pupils discover more about researching career pathways, making choices and decisions, recruitment, and the realities of the workplace.

Each volunteer will be assigned a table in the area corresponding to a career sector (e.g. finance, medical, public sector, media etc).

At 11.30am, Junior Sixth pupils from CLS and CLSG arrive and grab seats in front of your table, usually in pairs or small groups. It is useful to have a quick synopsis of your role to initiate discussion, but largely they are primed to ask questions. They rotate after five minutes and the next pupils move into place. A buzzer will sound every five minutes to encourage pupils to move on and give up their seats to another pair/group.

The event will run until 1.15pm, at which point you are invited to join us for sandwiches in Asquith and Hale.

We have asked pupils not to use this event to request work experience from you. We are always very grateful for offers of work experience however, so if you would be willing or able to offer an opportunity to pupils, please do ask to speak to a member of the Future Guidance Team.

Like to help? What next?

If you can take part, please fill in this short form. To help us with planning, it would be helpful to receive replies as early as possible, and ideally before the beginning of the Spring Term on 8 January 2024.