Ray Mannell, Class of 1953

1935 – 2019

Ray was a major force for Old Citizen sport generally and was one of the pillars of the Old Citizens Rugby Club for more than 20 years.  In many ways Ray personified the Club at that time, with his enthusiastic dedication, come rain or shine, in victory or defeat, always with undiminished charm, and kindness to new members coming into the Club from school.

OC Alan Marjoram recalls: “I first met Ray when I had just left CLS and started playing for the OC Rugby Club. Lionel Bell talked me into going on Easter Tour, even though I could not play as I was recovering from a broken femur from a tree-climbing accident. The first game was against Salisbury and Ray looked after me and made me welcome as I did not really know anybody. David Cohen took me to our hotel and Henry Courtney gave me a ride back to Redhill Train Station on Easter Monday so I could get home to Reigate. This was my first experience of the OC Rugby Club, and it made a lasting impression.” Another OC, Barry Edwards, said: “I knew ‘Major’ very well. I remember Tony Stormer and I played against the Old Surbitonians down at Cobham. I later played with Ray for the OCs in the ‘60s and I was later Club Secretary when he was on the committee; then later, when I was Club Captain and we moved to Marvels Lane, in the new Clubhouse, designed by another club stalwart, Peter Jones.”

Ray Manell died peacefully in his sleep, on Wednesday April 17, 2019, aged 84.