In Memoriam

William Saxton (Class of 1939)

Paul Wycherly (Class of 1940s) 

Peter Moore, OBE (Class of 1941)

Richard Butcher (Class of 1945)

David Ellis (Class of 1945)

John Evans (Class of 1946)

John Kersey (Class of 1946)

Professor Neil Cooper (Class of 1948)

John Kenneth Iliffe (Class of 1948)

Gordon Pope (Class of 1948)

Brian Beacom (Class of 1950)

John Easterling (Class of 1950)

Geoffrey Gilbey (Class of 1950)

Graham Stokes (Class of 1950) 

Brian Dinning (Class of 1951)  

Maurice Greenberg (Class of 1951)

Gerald Bruskin (Class of 1952)

Philip Camp (Class of 1952) 

David Lines (Class of 1952)

David Pyne (Class of 1953)

Brian Shephard (Class of 1953)

Alan Truelove (Class of 1953) 

Hugh Courts (Class of 1953)  

David Cohen (Class of 1955)

John Ireland (Class of 1955)

Anthony Lester QC, Lord Lester of Herne Hill (Class of 1955)

Eliot Levin (Class of 1955)

Dudley Shaw (Class of 1955)

Michael Donald Hind (Class of 1956) 

Philippe Lacamp (Class of 1959) 

Frank Philps (Class of 1960)

John Shrapnel (Class of 1960)

Martin Ellis (Class of 1961)

Gordon Spicer (Class of 1961)

Richard Squibb (Class of 1961)

Martin Woodcock (Class of 1961)

Maurice Banbury (Class of 1962)

Eric Thomas (Class of 1962)

Malcolm D'Aubney (Class of 1964)

Professor Emeritus Hugh Ormsby-Lennon (Class of 1966)

Douglas Stoker (Class of 1966) 

Stanley Charles (Class of 1967)

David Schneider (Class of 1967) 

Martin Evans (Class of 1968)

John Farrow (Class of 1968)

Brian Jeffrey Roberts (Class of 1968)

Martin Joyce (Class of 1970)

John Lewis (Class of 1971)

Brian Acreman (Class of 1972)

Clive Lewis (Class of 1975)

Alan Boaz Djanogly (Class of 1979) 

Arthur Carter (Former Staff 1974-1981)

Amit Bhasin (Class of 1985)

Jeremy Josse (Class of 1986)

James Gleadow (Class of 2000) 

Raman Akay (Class of 2000) 

Hieronymus Tweed-Davies (Class of 2004)

Bilal Thiam (Class of 2012)