Iain Alexander Todd, Class of 1971


Iain was a gregarious boy at School and a good athlete, representing the School at rugby and athletics.

However, academic success was somewhat delayed and it was not until after he left School that Iain achieved the ‘A’ level grades needed for university. He went to Cardiff (as it then was) to study Geology, but swiftly switched to Metallurgy, and there he found his metier.

His studies continued at McGill University in Montreal where he took an MSc and PhD. Iain worked in mining around the world, mainly on proving the viability of deposits of rare earths and minerals. The larger part of his career was spent working for Lakefield Research (nowpart of the multinational SGS) in Ontario. He was highly thought of in his field. He met his wife Linda in Montreal and they and their two daughters settled in the small farming and artistic community of Millbrook, Ontario. He was a skilled chef and frequently held court from his kitchen with, if he thought you merited it, a ‘dusty’ bottle or two from his extensive wine cellar.

Iain contracted colon cancer in 2013, and lost his battle against the disease on 28th September 2018 surrounded by his family.