P.F. Lacamp (Class of 1959)


P.F. Lacamp entered the school in 1951, becoming known as 'Pip' rather than 'Philippe', a  hint to a pedigree that may have influenced his later choice of modern languages as his sixth form specialism.  But it was in sport that he excelled, many of them, but particularly boxing, fives, cricket and rugby.  He always offered a strong lead, as any contemporary meeting him across the boxing ring would well remember. This extended to broader activities, becoming CSM in the army section of the CCF as well as Captain of the School.  While captain of  rugby he certainly enjoyed winning the 1958 Kent schools seven-a-sides, celebrated at the home of the coach, staff member and Welsh trialist Chris (Mr.C.D.) Young.  In his final term, he would have been captain of cricket but stood aside in favour of a younger player, a Michael Brearley.   

Pip pursued an early career in the fast-emerging world of IT. He then started and developed several small businesses, while supporting his wife in running their school in the village in Kent where they had settled. Entirely in character, he became a natural and much-loved leader in that community.   In his retirement years, he became heavily involved with the church and community of Canterbury, stepping up to relaunch the Canterbury Guides and leading tours of the city, often in German and French.

In appreciation of all that he had contributed, the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral offered the use of the Quire for his memorial service. At the well-attended event, members of the several choirs that he had conducted in his later years came together to perform Faure’s Requiem.