Christopher John Garrod, (Class of 1971)


It is with deep sadness that the passing of Christopher John Garrod, my father happened in late August 2019. He was a keen student at the city of London from the age of 13, until he left after 6th form when he was 18 in 1971. At the school he was in the fencing team and won many tournaments, of which he spoke on fondly. He had many contemporaries that he got on with, notably John Diamond amongst others.  He was a talented writer and artist, wanting to go to film school of which he got a place through the kindness of his English Master. Unfortunately his father Mr John Daniel Garrod wouldn’t let him go, and so he was forced to work in the family printing business J.D Garrod in Plumpstead Road, Woolwich. Whilst working for his father, he attended the London College of Printing and completed an HND in Business Administration in 1973. In 1974 he married my mother Christina Deighton at Caxton Hall, Park Lane, London.

Christopher was a passionate, intelligent kind man who gave his best efforts in everything he did. He was a wonderful husband to my mother and a fantastic father, always encouraging me towards achieving my goals and leading an honest life as well as being conscious of others’ struggles and how I might contribute towards supporting them. He loved the Rolling Stones, Lez Zeppelin and Cream. He loved food and literature, theatre and art and all things that brought humans alive.

He became globally well known in the hotel and hospitality industry, renovating exclusive hotels worldwide, including the Lainsborough, the Ritz and enjoyed long term professional connections with the Savoy; where he built a business with my mother selling gifts in the beautiful shop in the centre of the hotel. Christopher Garrod became the most well-known name in London within the hotel industry and was well known for his renovation projects with his companies called Garrod Hotel Services, The Chris Garrod Partnership and later on, Chris Garrod Global.

In recent times, he spent more time at home with his family as he became more affected by Parkinson’s; he wrote poetry mostly about his illness and his difficulties in coming to terms with it. I only recently found these poems and will be making plans to have these published with proceeds going to the Parkinson’s Society.

Thank you to everyone who remembers my father and who had known him as a friend or colleague. I feel privileged to have been his only daughter and certainly proud of the person he has made me; in being able to help others as a Consultant Psychologist. Without his kindness and support, I would never have been who I am today.

Written by Dr Harriet Garrod, Daughter