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Summer 2022

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DNA Discovery Lecture: Professor Sir David Klenerman (Class of 1978): Book
New York City Alumni Reunion: Register your interest
The Old School Reunion: Book
Class of 2020 & 2021 Reunion: Book
Reunions in 2023: Save the dates
Past events photo galleries:  View

Interview with Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti (Class of 1975): Read
Interview with Ivor Baddiel (Class of 1980): Read

MY CLS SIX: Mr Cotton (1984-2005), Chemistry Read
My CLS SIX: Johan de Silva (Class of 2013), Read
MY CLS SIX: Sam Packer (Class of 2012) Read
My CLS SIX: Josh Cockcroft (Class of 2008) Read

Work experience opportunities: Read
Be a work experience host: Read 

21st Century Citizens: Read