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Autumn Term 2021

In our first e-news of the new school year, we're delighted to introduce you to the final strand of our strategic vision, ready. Click the images below for interviews with Old Citizens and updates from pupils CLS is helping get ready for the 21st Century.

We're also ready to welcome you back to School with a term of autumn events and reunions! Take a look at our events calendar and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Interview with Christian Plowman (Class of 1991): Read

MY CLS SIX: Joshua Irish (Class of 2012): Read

Pupils found stock trading competition: Read

Interview with Russell Jones (Class of 1977): Read

MY CLS SIX: Miss Murphy, Senior Mistress & Director of Studies: Read

Reunion events Autumn Term 2021: Find out more

My CLS SIX: Dan Rebellato (Class of 1986): Read

Industry Insiders: Read

Newcafé launches at CLS: Read

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