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'Sprites' takes centre stage

Friday, 26 November 2021

This week has seen the first School Production in almost two years. Mr Norman’s 'Sprties', a musical prequel to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, centres around the world of the fairies and tells the story of the boy whom Titania is so eager to protect in Shakespeare's drama. It is a sad tale of a mortal who collides with the world of the fairies and meets with a tragic end. CLS English teacher, Mr Norman, created a truly magical piece of musical drama. His humour, imagination and passion were evident to the audience throughout this production as he vividly captures the world of the fairies in words and music.

The twenty-seven different songs brilliantly evoked the various emotions and characters in the play, reflecting love, jealousy, feuding, seduction, compassion and much more. The world he created is wonderfully reflected in the magnificent colours used in the set, the costumes, and the make-up.

The musical was so well received by the audience and each performance was a sell-out! Thank you to all of the performers from CLS and CLGS, and a huge congratulations to Mr Norman, who, quite literally, has devoted ten years of his life to this musical.

Mr Norman created a truly magical piece of musical drama.
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