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National Careers Week at CLS

Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Last week we celebrated National Careers Week. Various activities have been going on around School, including assemblies, workshops during tutor times, and quizzes. The Lower School assembly coincided with International Women’s Day on Tuesday 8 March, so our Director of Future Guidance, Mrs Chambers and Deputy Head of Higher Education, Mrs Carter, marked both events by looking at the challenges women have faced in the workplace for centuries, how equality in pay and treatment is still not happening consistently, and how research shows organisations with a gender diverse workforce report higher profits and happier employees.

Teachers and members of support staff completed sheets listing “Jobs and Careers I’ve previously had…and the skills those jobs taught me” and pinned them to their classroom doors. There was a huge range on display of careers and sectors previously worked in, from the investment banking and finance sector to law, the army, journalism, advertising, the theatre and many others including part-time work whilst being a student, for example at Macdonald’s, in hospitality, a DJ, landscape gardener, chambermaid and even a cow wrangler! Clues on the classroom doors helped pupils answer our National Careers Week quiz in the pupil-led newspaper, The Citizen.

We emphasised to pupils how important any kind of work experience is, and how it helps you gain employability skills such as teamwork, communication skills, resilience, and problem-solving. One teacher reporteded how being a chambermaid helped her learn how to “deal with difficult people” – an essential life skill in many jobs!

National Careers Week was an appropriate time to launch our new 'Subjects at Work' initiative, designed to help pupils make links between school subjects and the world of work. The idea behind the initiative is to invite Old Citizens and parents to deliver talks or activities, focussing on how they are using topics, themes or skills from specific school subjects in their daily work. Last week we welcomed James Charles, class of 2006, into School who gave a fascinating talk to the Physics Society on the physics he uses in his work as an engineer specialising in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. James focused on how he uses psychrometric charts in the context of designing HVAC systems, giving pupils a detailed and technical insight into the design process.

Thank you to all the staff, parents and Old Citizens who got involved in National Careers Week; we have no doubt some of the careers they have had will inspire our pupils and help broaden their horizons when it comes to thinking about their careers.

We emphasised to pupils how important any kind of work experience is, and how it helps you gain employability skills.
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