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US university offers

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

It was a record year for applications to the US from CLS pupils. 19 pupils secured offers from Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Brown, UPenn, Columbia, New York University, Northeastern, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Duke, Johns Hopkins, U Chicago, Purdue, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego UC Irvine, University of Southern California and University of Oregon. 

Deputy Head Boy, Gabriel, is taking up a place at Harvard; turning down five offers including three other Ivy League universities. Another noteworthy achievement is Yeshin's Hodson Trust Scholarship to Johns Hopkins University, a scholarship awarded on the basis of academic and personal achievement and leadership.

These results are particularly impressive given the intensely competitive admissions landscape in the US this year. Applications to highly selective colleges have grown by 25% over the last two years, resulting in a significant reduction in offer rates (‘acceptance rates’ in US parlance), and there is no denying that pupils were more likely to be ‘denied’ than ‘accepted’. Nonetheless, many of the offers came from colleges with single digit admit rates in this admissions cycle, including Harvard (3.2%), Columbia (3.7%), Brown (5%), Johns Hopkins (6.5%), Northeastern (6.7%) and Cornell (6.9%). It is very important that pupils are strategic with their applications and choose colleges that are a good ‘fit’ with their academic and extra-curricular interests and values. Following these guiding principles has been key to our pupils’ success.

We send them all our very best wishes as they head stateside. 

19 pupils secured offers from US universities.
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