Recently refurbished, our Learning Centre has seen a huge increase in its use

The opportunity to redevelop our Library has enabled the School to send a clear message that independent learning is at the heart of our strategic vision. The Head’s brief was clear from the start: to provide an environment that encourages our pupils to work, to browse, and to discover; one that takes advantage of the extraordinary views from the Library, bringing the iconic skyline into the School, encompassing the Tate Modern, The Globe, the Millennium Bridge and the Shard; with a quality of furniture and fittings that befit the aspiration of the School and its pupils; somewhere that pupils will want to spend time in.

The School and Lord Levene were joined by designer Luke Hughes in discussions to strike the right balance of storage of printed matter, information technology, and flexibility of configuration to meet the changing demands and needs for the Centre during its daily and annual cycle, transforming from collaborative work and the introduction of pupils to how to use a library effectively, to seminars and author talks, and of course somewhere that pupils can revise undisturbed in preparation for their exams.

The acoustic glass walls lining the busiest corridor of the School provide glimpses through the bookshelves of the transformed space as well as the skyline. The same walls providing a display of past and current artefacts, demonstrating the creative achievements of the School.

The library staff have seen a huge increase in the number of pupils using the Learning Centre and the School has extended the opening hours so that pupils can stay late and take advantage of the environment. The Seminar Rooms with their glass walls are in constant use for talks, presentations and Extended Project discussions; after school clubs and visiting speakers. The reconfigurable Southern end of the Centre has hosted dinners and speakers, discussions and debate.

We are thrilled with the transformation of this space at the heart of the School and especially to see the increase in the use of the space by the pupils. We are indebted to Lord Levene, an old boy of the School, a past Lord Mayor of the City of London and current Governor of the School for making this transformation possible.


A fitting place for the Barnes Amis Society to hold its discussions
Desks that invite learning
Millennials at work
Flexibility for events (Project Rousseau Dinner)