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Bayi School Visit

Monday, 13 February 2017

On Monday 6th February, 77 students and 4 staff from Beijing Bayi School visited CLS to get a flavour of what School life was like. After some light refreshments, the visiting students were entertained with a welcome talk from the Head, and a screening of the School’s new prospectus video. The Senior Prefects also kindly gave up their time to talk about different aspects of School life at CLS and what opportunities they have had the chance to enjoy whilst at the School.

At the beginning of morning break, a many willing CLS volunteers from OG-S6th Form arrived at the Great Hall to collect their counterpart from Bayi School. Once paired up, the visiting and host students departed to their various classes for Periods 4&5. Lunchtime saw the visiting students enjoying the superb food on offer in the Dining Hall, whilst also finding time to engage in conversation with the CLS boys around them. The CLS boys were encouraged to use the rest of lunchtime to give their paired student a tour of the School, to allow them to see all the superb facilities on offer to CLS students.

After registration, the Bayi students once again attended lessons with their counterparts, before returning to the Great Hall at the end of Period 7. The atmosphere was one of newly formed friendships and mutual respect, with many students exchanging phone numbers or email addresses in order to share some of the plethora of selfies taken over the course of the day.

The atmosphere was one of newly formed friendships and mutual respect.
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