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Spanish Department takes on Granada

Monday, 27 February 2017

During the February half term, 12 boys from the 4th and 5th form went to Granada, Spain, for a week-long trip. The aim was to improve both their listening and speaking in Spanish, as well as exploring the culture of one of the most interesting parts of Spain. It was an early start for everyone as the flight left Gatwick airport at 9am, which would then arrive at Málaga Airport, roughly a 90-minute coach drive away from where we were staying.

We were met by the five sets of host families, who the boys would stay with in twos or threes, having various meals and activities with them as well as sleeping there. The families gave us a wide selection of common Spanish food, such as ‘pisto’, a dish made with tomatoes that is similar to ratatouille, and ‘croquettes’, a small breadcrumbed roll usually containing mashed potatoes or meat. Not only would staying with the family further improve our Spanish, as many of them literally spoke no more than a word or two of English, meaning we had to communicate entirely in Spanish, but also allow us to fully immerse ourselves in the culture.

The days consisted of a mixture of lessons, time with the host families and exploring the city. We visited the famous old city of ‘Alhambra’ including the ‘Gereralife’, all of which is a fascinating mix of Christian and Arab architecture, as well as the ‘Cuevas de Nerja’, a 5km long cave system, which is home to the world’s largest stalagmite, 32m high and 13m x 7m at its base. There was also time for trips to the beach, the ‘Albaicín, the ‘Parque de Ciencias’, as well as time for bowling, many a ‘chocolate con churros’ or ice cream, and a typical tapas lunch.

Overall, the trip was a great success, not only in vastly improving our Spanish, but also in allowing us to explore a fascinating and yet quite different part of the world. Many thanks must go to Mr Edmundson, Mrs Robinson, the host families and everyone else that was involved in making this trip possible.

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