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City celebrates World Book Day

Thursday, 02 March 2017

City celebrated World Book Day this week by welcoming visits from 2 prominent Young Adult authors. Boys from OG-Third Form were treated to talks from Dave Cousins, author of ‘15 days without a Head’ and ‘Waiting for Gonzo’, and Gabrielle Kent, author of the ‘Alife Bloom’ series. Both Dave and Gabrielle spoke about how they drew inspiration for their books; one from a headless cockroach and one from visiting castles (we’ll let you figure out which one is which!)

Dave’s talk was charismatic and entertaining and he kept the boys mesmerised by using improvisation and acting out characters from his books.

15 students from The City of London Academy came to CLS to watch Gabrielle talk about her Alfie Bloom books where 11 year old Alfie inherits a castle. She sparked the pupil’s imagination by giving a few writing tips and having an open discussion based on ‘what if’s’ where students came up with topics ranging from ‘what if the moon was made of cheese?’, to, in true City fashion, ‘what if the world ran out of energy?’.

This is the 20th anniversary of World Book Day and celebrations have been taking place all week across the U.K.

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