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Rhinoceros invades City

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Every year, the Sixth Form Drama students have the opportunity to produce and direct a play of their choosing to form the student production.

When, in October 2016, it came to choosing a play to direct for the student production, it seemed impossible to ignore the growing political turmoil of Brexit as a stimulus. Little did we know that halfway through rehearsals, Donald Trump would be elected to the presidency. A mixed blessing indeed. As keen students of both History and Politics, directors Jack and Jake observed the unfolding events in British politics and got debating in such a way that the stage seemed to be the only place to present their view of the situation.

Enter Rinconeros by Eugene Ionesco. Ionesco's 1959 absurd masterpiece was brought into the present day by linking it with the current political agenda. This timeless piece of drama, written in 1959, follows Berenger, a lazy and slovenly man who can’t quite seem to find purpose in his life. One day, when meeting with his eminently practical friend Jean, they are both interrupted by a Rhinoceros charging through the town square. Soon, more and more rhinoceroses begin appearing and more and more people become utterly encapsulated by them. There is still no apparent reason for this until a worrying conclusion presents itself. All the townspeople who become fascinated with rhinoceroses, seem to become rhinoceroses themselves.

Last week saw the student production come to life over three nights, with a cast made up of students from both CLS and CLSG. The play was a triumph of stagecraft and rehearsal; clearly the product of diligent thought and rehearsal. Well done to everyone involved! To see more pictures from the production click here

It seemed impossible to ignore the growing political turmoil of Brexit as a stimulus
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