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City Sleeps out for Centrepoint

Friday, 24 March 2017

Sixth Former Abe is the Chairman of this years’ Charity Committee raising money for Centrepoint. He has commented on the recent sleep out that over 100 pupils took part in. The boys have even been features in The Independent which you can read here.

“Earlier this year, I asked the student body the question ‘what can each of us do, personally, to raise money for Centrepoint’? To provide a means to this end, the Charity Committee organised a sponsored sleep out.

On 18th March, over 100 boys swapped their beds for  sleeping bags, in a massive effort to give young homeless people a future. The event took place in the School Courtyard,  a risk-free environment. As a small reward for completing the sleep out, breakfast was very generously provided by the coffee chain, Benugo.

Although the sleep out of course did not come close to simulating homelessness and the terrible daily ordeal it brings, it was still a challenge for us. The sleep out was a chance for us to understand what it can be like to have to sleep outside as well as an opportunity  to raise sponsorship for Centrepoint.  For me personally, I wanted to be able to empathise, to see even to a small extent what the reality of sleeping rough entails. It was disturbing to consider that people my age go through this every night. I could return to the warmth and comfort of home and family. Thousands don’t have this basic need.

The sleep out was a platform to galvanise fundraising efforts for this year’s charity appeal. It was inspiring to see the massive support from the student body at the sleep out, not to mention the four selfless teachers who joined us. We raised a fantastic £5,000 and the sleep out was an unprecedented success raising the awareness of homelessness. With empathy for the problem comes a desire to bring about change, and together, I believe we can effect change.””

If you had asked me last year, if I thought 100 boys would forgo their Saturday night to sleep outside in the school courtyard, I would have been sceptical. Now, through efforts of boys and staff, we have made the sleep out a reality, and although it is just a tiny stepping stone in the wider context of the battle against youth homelessness, it shows what we, and by extension anyone, can do in order to raise money for charity.”

Over 100 boys swapped their beds for  sleeping bags.
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