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Pupil sucess in Awards for Young Musicians

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

After being called for audition for the Awards for Young Musicians a few weeks ago, First Former Oliver has been chosen as one of the few special award recipients for 2017.

He has been awarded the “Viola Bent Award” which is given to an outstanding string player or pianist. He will receive prize money towards purchasing a cello bow, which is fantastic news. This means that he will be able to purchase the bow that his teacher has identified as perfect for him. 
In addition to the award, Awards for Young Musicians have invited Ollie to perform, along with two other higher award recipients, at their next fundraising concert on Thursday 29th June.

Ollie is part of the Chapel Royal here at the School and is an integral part of the music community we have here.  


This bow will make all the difference to Ollie’s future cello playing.
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