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First Former features on Scratch website

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

First Former Natan's Scratch project is being featured on the homepage of the MIT Scratch website.

Scratch is an online community designed for users aged 8-16 where they can programme their own games, interactive stories and games which can then be shared with others.

Every couple of weeks, the Scratch Team at MIT choose one person who has applied to become an Front Page Curator who can then choose certain projects that they think are very good but do not receive enough publicity.

It was suggested to this person that Natan's 'Working Rubik's Cube' should be chosen, and it was. There are not many of cubes on Scratch and what makes this one different is its relative simplicity in terms of code compared to others. Instead of having built-in graphics that the code can access, it is redrawn completely using a sequence of moves every time a turn is made.

Natan's ICT Teacher Mrs Ralph has commented on his interests, "Natan has always been keen to develop his coding skills. He has developed his skills both in lesson time and at home and he built this himself using Scratch. He is very good at debugging, which means checking the code for errors and making corrections when necessary, something many students don’t like doing as it can be tedious."

You can view Natan's project here on the Scratch website for the rest of this week.

Natan has always been keen to develop his coding skills.
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