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Amref nominated as CLS Charity 2017-18

Thursday, 12 October 2017

After a week of intense campaigning, pupils and teachers all voted on which charity they want to support, with Amref coming out on top. 

Each member of the charity committee receives one vote and a new group of charities is chosen. The four charities to choose from are selected entirely democratically. One charity is proposed in each category of humanitarian aid, international development, local, and health-related charities.To ensure that the chosen charity’s message is shared amongst the boys, we invite representatives from the charity to deliver assemblies so that everyone has a clear idea of the importance of the issues being addressed and of the ways in which the money we raise is being used. 

After a round of voting from both pupils and staff, the 2017-18 Charity Appeal will be in support of Amref Health Africa. The charity was founded in 1957 by three doctors motivated by what they had seen when working in remote regions of East Africa. Amref originally worked as a flying doctor service. Their mission now is to improve the health of people in Africa by collaborating with and empowering communities and strengthening health systems.

Amref is one of the few charities that base their work entirely in Africa, with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. They spend 38% of donations in Kenya, 22% in Tanzania, 10% in Uganda, 10% on their headquarters and directorate of capacity building where midwives are trained, 2% on flying doctors, and the rest is spent on other African countries.

As the representative explained at the assembly, Amref’s main strategic priorities are maternal and child healthcare. To pursue this Amref regularly refurbish medical facilities in order to provide basic equipment to help women, especially during birth, such as hospital beds for mothers in labour, basic drugs and plasters, among other things. Amref targets women, as they believe that helping women is the path to improving communities; women are the main caregivers in African communities and by keeping them healthy, they can do the same for others.

Another area in which they work is education about sexual health. Their approach is to teach certain influential community members, hoping that they can spread the message to the rest of their community. Amref also aims to improve access to water and good sanitation. In 2017, in response to a big cholera outbreak in the Kibera slums of Kenya, the main cause of which is poor sanitation, Amref is running a “Stop Cholera in Kenya campaign” which aims to improve conditions by training volunteers to help prevent cholera spreading.

One key aim for Amref is to make their work effective for the future and to provide long-term help so that when they leave, their work has made a difference and will continue to do so in the future. For instance, they are currently training 8567 midwives over three years.
The Charity Committee believes Amref is a great charity to support. Having been around for 60 years, it instils the confidence that the money we donate will be well spent. As it is not one of the biggest charities, the money that we raise will not be taken for granted, but it will make a big difference and be greatly appreciated.



Their mission is to improve the health of people in Africa.
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