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Open Mic returns to CLS

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

MC Norman was glad to don the waistcoat once more and herald the return of Open Mic, an event which is by the students and for the students. After two terms of rest, we re-conjured the sweaty-gig atmosphere in the Coulson Studio and the smell of salty-sweet popcorn lingered in the air.

Leon opened proceedings with a soothing classical guitar performance – ‘Mazurka-Choro’ by Villa-Lobos. As he intricately plucked the fretboard, the atmosphere stilled and we sensed far-flung Grecian climes. It was beautiful.

Classiness flourished when the Vocal Barbershop Quartet (Oscar, Max, Dominic and Mr Crockatt) took to the stage and the Open-Mic-popcorn-crunchers drifted ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ to a long-lost era of the 1920s crooning. These voices were made for each other: melting and merging and swelling, it was a truly harmonious treat to be where the happy little bluebirds fly.

Thwarted by the shift of Mufti Day, Harry had to sport his school trousers (instead of his intended kilt) as he sang the jaunty ‘Donald, where’s your troosers?’ With his good-humoured audience rapport, this comeback kid got the crowd clapping along to quite a rapid beat – and he managed admirably. It was an uplifting comical number.

As if two budgerigars had just flown into the studio, we then had an Open Mic first: two whistlers in the shape of Takis and Jai, who, with hands casually in pockets, looped through the ‘Stand By Me’ refrain. This was followed by a charismatic card trick from the ebullient Joshua. He performed with real aplomb, marshalling two willing Fifth Formers as he struck up an entertaining rapport with his audience. A veritable magician-in-the-making.

‘Oohs’ swiftly morphed into ‘aahhs’ when Sandy sang ‘The Times They Are a-Changing’. Who needs BobSoc when you’ve got Sandy? This singer-guitarist has got even better, his voice a perfect tonal match for the song, enriched with a pleasant vibrato tucked behind his notes. The swaying galaxy of mobile phone torchlights was a testament to his warm musicianship.

From the Second Form, it was a refresher to have Sylvan recite Benjamin Zephaniah’s ‘Drivosuarus Rex’, a skit on plastic Hollywood moguls, and Cedric from the Third Form stepped up, sans mic, and sang ‘Ave Maria’ in a soprano which was nothing short of exquisite - and with seeming ease.

Our headline act for the return of OPEN MIC, was Nicholas, an undeniable talent. This was Nicholas's third showing at Open Mic and with improved showmanship, he plunged into ‘I Will Deliver You to the Fireflies’ (hopefully not for homework-setting) by The Gospel Youth and then he gave us an original song called 'Sinking Ship'. His ship sailed with real success and, in the words of Louis Walsh – “He deserved to be on that stage” and “I would buy his record.”

Thank you to Ms Green and her bodyguards for helping with crowd control. Open Mic is back out to play on November 17th and we have our busiest line-up. Come to the Open Mic.


After two terms of rest, we re-conjured the sweaty-gig atmosphere and brought back Open Mic.
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