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The Apprentice comes to City

Friday, 01 December 2017

Last Tuesday, The Jewish Society had the privilege of hosting Claude Littner for a Q&A session in the Great Hall. Claude, known for his ruthless appearances on the BBC show The Apprentice, spoke in front of a group of over 320 teachers and pupils- a record attendance for any society-run event at CLS. Following an interview by Joel, one of the heads of JSoc, Claude took questions from boys of all ages on topics such as his relationship with Lord Sugar, his on-screen persona as well as giving advice on how to best prepare for the future.

Teachers and pupils from all different backgrounds attended the event, reflecting JSoc’s ethos of being ‘not just a society for Jewish CLS pupils but also a warm home for all who wish to explore their own identities’, as Joel put it. Following the Q&A, slices of pizza were given to those who attended with the remaining pizza being sold for the school charity fund for Amref. Claude himself praised the event on Twitter, saying that the occasion was “very well organised and enthusiastically supported”.

This event is set to be the first of many talks and Q&A sessions run by JSoc in order to appeal to the wider CLS community rather than just to those with ties to Judaism. JSoc hopes to draw crowds even bigger than that of the current membership, which already puts CLS JSoc as the largest Jewish society for a school in the UK. With Chanukah, the Jewish festival of light, round the corner, things are looking bright for JSoc at CLS.

Claude took questions from boys on topics such as his relationship with Lord Sugar.
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