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New York students visit CLS for Project Rousseau

Friday, 09 February 2018

Last week seven students from New York visited London as part of Project Rousseau. This is the second year of our school’s successful and ongoing partnership with project, where the hardest working students from the program are given the opportunity to go abroad and stay with pupils from the school. Sixth Former Martin wrote about his experience of the visit.

The students broadened their horizons by visiting many of London’s famous museums and monuments, with a lucky few able to witness Arsenal play Everton. Later, we accompanied them on a trip to New College, Oxford, where they had a chance to learn about the English university system by attending a tutorial on human sciences. For them, it was a chance for their hard work volunteering and studying outside school to pay off in the form of a trip, one, which would have been out of reach for many of their contemporaries.
For us, the hosting experience was truly amazing, allowing us to gain insight into a different culture, and most importantly, making new friends. Being a part of Project Rousseau, an initiative which has served over 2500 disadvantaged high schoolers by helping them fulfil their potential as students, was an inspiring experience. To meet Mouhammedou, a junior sixth boy whose unbelievable hard work, both in the classroom and in his pursuits in film-making and basketball, made us realise just how fortunate we are. The trip culminated with a wonderful dinner in the library, a fitting place to end a trip for students who have worked so tirelessly to realise their academic potential.

To conclude, we implore you to volunteer in this worthy cause when the chance presents itself next year so you might share in the genuine pleasure that we were fortunate enough to experience this year.

This is the second year of our school’s successful and ongoing partnership with project.
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