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City hosts 13th annual MUN Conference with a surprise letter from Canada!

Friday, 16 March 2018

Sixth Former Sean, Secretary-General of CLSMUN wrote about the up's and down's of the day:

"Last Saturday, our school hosted its thirteenth annual Model United Nations conference. The conference was attended by over 150 students from twelve different schools representing about 40 different countries. It was a great success for the society, and also for those students who attended as delegates.

The delegates were divided into five different committees and, in addition, the Security Council. Topics of debate were important and thought-provoking geopolitical issues, ranging from human rights abuses in the Central African Republic to the pressing question of the global loss of natural law. Main debate topics also included those on which there is no current international consensus, such as commercial space law and money-laundering with regard to cryptocurrencies. New to CLSMUN this year was a historical committee set in 1984, in the aftermath of the major NATO military manoeuvres known as Operation Able Archer. The Security Council, chaired by the student-editor of The Citizen,and myself, debated the question of the Yemeni Civil War and the famine caused by the Saudi blockade, arguably one of the worst man-made humanitarian crises of the 21st Century and one often ignored by the international community.

The conference began with an opening ceremony featuring a keynote speech by Dr Spyros Economides, Associate Professor of International Relations and European Politics at LSE, who talked about the history of the United Nations and its role today, an issue important to every MUNer. During my speech in the opening ceremony, I was honoured to read out a letter the society had received specially for our conference from Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister. The letter, signed by the man himself (a copy of which you can see in pictures below), reaffirmed the importance of MUN and welcomed all the delegates to our conference.

After the opening ceremony, there were three hours of debate dedicated to discussing the main topics for the conference with a lunch break in the middle. At three o’clock, debate on the main topics finished as the emergency topic, a fabricated but likely scenario, was announced: North Korea had launched an unarmed test missile over Japan which had crashed due to an engine failure. This was accompanied by some printouts of the ‘fake news’ from the BBC website, which I had manipulated using the F12 key. The scenario tested delegates’ ability to react to events in real time and quickly come up with solutions. (Some suggested that an enormous lead dome over all of North Korea would do the job.)

The day finished with the closing ceremony, where awards were given out to the best delegates in each committee on the criteria of speaking, research and representativeness of their country’s actual standpoint at the UN. The closing ceremony was followed by the publication of our conference tabloid (the MUN), whose logo and content both bore striking resemblances to that of the Sun, for the delegates to pick up as they left.

I would like to thank all those who made the conference possible: the chairs, the runners, the press team and the members of staff who gave up their Saturday. Thanks must especially go to Mr Edgar-Andrews, CLSMUN’s new Director, for organising such a successful conference. For those interested in joining MUN, the society meets on Monday lunchtimes at 12:50; hopefully some of you will join in and help with next year’s conference."

At three o’clock, debate on the main topics finished as the emergency topic, a fabricated but likely scenario, was announced.
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