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Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP visits City of London School

Thursday, 24 May 2018

On Tuesday May 22, the Politics Society hosted Nicky Morgan in the Asquith Room. Ms Morgan is a Conservative MP and former government minister; her time included a stint as Education Minister. She was deemed surplus to requirements under Theresa May but has subsequently become chair of the influential Treasury Select Committee.

Ms Morgan is a Remain supporting MP who has spoken out vociferously against the possibility of the government opting for a so-called hard Brexit, which has put her at odds with the Brexiteer wing of her party. She has threatened to rebel against the government on crucial votes on the issue. Ms Morgan gave an interesting insight into how the parliamentary week works, what the role of an MP in parliament is and what it is like to be a committee chair. She then fielded a range of questions from boys from the floor and handled some challenging questions with the sort of political skill an MP can.

Ms Morgan also displayed a sense of humour when she mused that she would put Junior Sixth Former David down as a floating voter after he had put forward a strong critique of why young voters should not trust the Conservative Party. Perhaps this signals her intent to engage in more joy, which is something her Scottish Conservative colleague Ruth Davidson has recently exhorted her party to do.

CLS was privileged to have such a high profile MP visit and is very grateful to Ms Morgan for her time.

She handled some challenging questions with the sort of political skill only an MP can.
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