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Mike Gapes MP visits CLS

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Last week the Politics Society hosted Mike Gapes, who has been the Labour MP for Ilford South since 1992. Mr Gapes is also a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, chairing it under the last Labour government. Mr Gapes talked about a range of issues facing British politics today, but particularly about Brexit, which he was strongly against. Indeed, he thought it was the greatest challenge facing Britain since he joined politics. He was against the Conservative plans for Brexit and believed that Labour’s proposal to renegotiate the Brexit deal would be unsuccessful. He also spoke of his admiration for the leadership of his party by Tony Blair, under whom he was an MP for much of his early career.

After his talk, there was time for questions from the audience, which filled the Asquith Room. These included a query on the cause of the delay to Crossrail. He explained that there were problems integrating the three different signalling systems, one for each of the existing railways that form the western and eastern sections of the route of Crossrail, and the one for the new tunnelled sections. Mr Gapes was also asked who he could see as a potential (centre-left) leader of the Labour Party, to which he gave the names of roughly ten fellow Labour MPs. We are very grateful to Mr Gapes for giving up his time to visit City and share his views.

Mr Gapes talked about a range of issues facing British politics today.
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