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Boy's watch the final of the 2018 Kids’ Lit Quiz

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

First Formers Edward, Yipeng and Hasaan recently went to the Kits Lit Quiz hosted by CLSG to run the CLS bookstall. Edward tell us of his experience:

The Kids Lit Quiz is an international competition in literature knowledge that any school can enter. It involves teams of 4 contestants under the age of 14 from schools around the country. They compete in regional qualifiers, leading up to the grand final which was on Tuesday 4th of December at CLSG. The winners of the UK grand final at CLSG on Tuesday will now go on the world finals in Singapore. 

Although the school was not competing, bookshop volunteers Yipeng, Hasaan and I went with Mr Osborne to run a bookstall there. After setting up, we settled down to hear a series of long introductions and rules, after which it was straight into the competition. There were two tough rounds before an interval in which most of the bookstall sales took place (we sold over 70 books!), then it was back for three more intense rounds, where the tension built unbearably as the questions got harder.

At the end of the competition, it was Enniskillen Royal Grammar School that came out on top with a £500 cheque and a ticket to Singapore for the world final. Second was Kings College Junior School, and after a gripping tiebreak for 3rd place, Colfe’s School got third.

Yipeng, Hasaan and I all thoroughly enjoyed the KLQ and we definitely want to have a go ourselves next year. Sat in the audience, we had a go at trying to answer some of the questions and to our pleasant surprise, most of them we could! Some example types of questions included: ‘Name the author from a description,’, ‘Name the title from the first page of the book’, ‘Who was the main character in…’

Overall, I enjoyed the Kids Lit Quiz a lot and it was a brilliant experience. Special thanks to Mr Osborne for making this trip such a success!

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