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CLS works with students from Project Rousseau

Friday, 25 January 2019

Last week we hosted what has now become an annual visit from Project Rousseau. This is the School’s third year of association with the project and we were delighted that two year 11 pupis, Lucas and Antonios, hosted students from the USA for the week.

Project Rousseau is a New York based non-profit organisation working with some of the most disadvantaged high school students in the USA. We are delighted to be working in partnership with them and honoured to be able to help enrich the lives of their students by expanding their minds and horizons. The School hosted it's annual dinner for the project organisers, students and host families in our library overlooking the Thames.

Founded in 2011, and currently working with 1500 students across the states, the Project Rousseau mission is to simultaneously improve access to education and to raise academic outcomes amongst the country’s most underserved and high potential youth.
They achieve this by delivering mentoring, academic support, community service programs and international cultural exchanges for the young people referred to them. They take a holistic approach to their students' education and development because they believe that academic problems rarely have academic causes. All of their students are living well below the poverty line. A growing portion of their student body is comprised of homeless, foster care and Native American Reservation students. For more details about the organisation please visit:

A huge thank you to all who support the school in its work with Project Rousseau and we are determined to continue the partnership for many more years to come.

We are determined to continue the partnership for many more years to come.
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