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Sixth Formers revolutionise revision with new app

Friday, 01 February 2019

With exams on the not too distant horizon, many students at CLS are starting to consolidate notes from their first term and look towards making the best possible use of their upcoming time spent revising. This can often be a daunting process but something which could soon become a bit easier.

Sixth Formers David, Eesa and Felix have had similar feelings over the years and have made use of the multitude of resources available to help, especially software based revision aides such as Quizlet and Vocab Express. However, from their recent experience of revising for GCSEs, they noticed a problem with a vast amount of education technology - converting revision notes into a digital format to allow for any software-based learning is an archaic, time-consuming, and manual process.
They have now created a solution to this problem.

Using machine learning and text recognition techniques, they have created an application which provides three functionalities to enable the compiling, learning and testing of notes to be far more efficient.

Their app, Notify, allows pupils to take a picture of their notes and have them automatically formatted and saved as a digital copy, accessible from a smartphone. The app then allows pupils to create ‘fill in the blank’ format questions from their notes, again simply by taking a picture. Finally, Notify can automatically form questions based on the content of the user’s notes, requiring only an image to form comprehensive tests which can be answered on a smartphone.

They thought this idea had potential and entered Notify in the school’s Young Enterprise competition which took place last November. After becoming one of the two teams lucky enough to secure £500 of funding to progress their idea, they went ahead with developing a prototype and presented the idea to the JCC (John Carpenter Club Alumni Association) in the hope of securing the additional funding required to bring Notify to market. After a lot of hard work during the Christmas holidays, in January they were extremely fortunate to receive a very generous grant of £1,000 from the John Carpenter Club. In addition, they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to all City of London School alumni to raise the final £3,500 needed to get Notify onto the iOS app store.

With the amazing opportunity this funding presents, they have begun to work on developing the software and carrying out market research at education trade fairs such as Bett 2019. They will be starting their Kickstarter campaign on 11 February and, if all goes to plan, hope to release Notify onto the iOS app store in the first week of the summer term, in time for all those exams you might not yet quite be ready for.

We wish them the best of luck – keep an eye out for future updates as their take their idea even futher.

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