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Upper School learn how Mandarin can help their future career

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

This Tuesday, those studying Mandarin in 4th, 5th and J6th form were delighted to attend a talk, given by a representative from a well-known recruitment company, on the potential career paths open to those who study the language.

Sixth Former Emerson tells us about the talk: 

Mandarin continues to be undervalued in Western education: despite a recent surge in the number studying the language in the UK, it still lags behind more-established European languages such as French, German and Spanish in our schools. Its perceived difficulty is, no doubt, a factor, however it is also the case that its copious benefits are still underestimated. China’s economic rise is no-longer so easy to ignore, with its future cultural, financial and political reach predicted to surpass even that of America at its height.

Offering a market of 1.3 billion people, including an ever-expanding middle class and consumer culture, foreign firms are now eager to extend their operations to the country, increasing demand for Mandarin-speaking graduates considerably. Citing examples such as Bank of China, Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, the speaker also stressed the plentiful opportunities provided by the ever-expanding Chinese companies who are increasingly looking abroad for future growth. Even a basic knowledge of Mandarin or Chinese culture is essential when applying for such jobs and is highly valued by such employers, she said. The examples of her clients’ success were numerous, with a grasp of the language helping them to achieve very exciting (and very well-paid) careers.

The talk highlighted the increasing demand for Mandarin speakers, but also the wide-ranging opportunities arising from the study of any foreign language. Being able to converse with people from all around the world is great for business, yet the satisfaction derived from the understanding of foreign cultures and perspectives is enriching in its own right, and must not be forgotten when considering pursuing languages further.

Many thanks to Mrs Hill and the Careers Department for inviting the guest speaker and organising the event!

The talk highlighted the increasing demand for Mandarin speakers.
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