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CLS goes on Tour - Half Term Trips

Friday, 01 March 2019

Last week pupils departed on different trips all across Europe. Seville, Hamburg and Berlin were amongst the places visited and enjoyed in the week's holiday. 

In Seville, the Spanish department stayed with host families who welcomes them in with open arms. They spent their first day at the language school learning about Spanish culture and improving their ability to speak the language. The group went on a tour of the world’s third largest cathedral, followed by a walking tour of the narrow lanes of the old town in Seville. They visited the Plaza de Torros: the bull ring providing an interesting view on Spanish traditions and history. They flew home after visiting the first Roman settlement on the Iberian Peninsula, Itálica. The food the whole week was exceptional and being in the ‘home of Churros’ made it just that bit more special. 

In Hamburg, the German department spent a weekend relaxing with their host families before embarking on a day of lessons at exchange school Helene Lange Gymnasium. Their first lesson began to the uplifting song of tired students begrudgingly singing “Guten Morgen” to their teachers! They took a guided bus tour through the centre of Hamburg visiting all of the city’s notable sites. The next day saw pupils take the train to the old capital of the Hanseatic trade league, on the Baltic coast, Lübeck. They visited the new Hansa museum where they had an educational tour of the history of the powerful, wealthy and influential trade league that used to dominate Northern Europe. It was a great trip with everyone having a much better grasp of the language. 

Over in Berlin, the History Department's first stopped off at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, where pupils were first given a speech on the significance of it for both the Nazi regime and for today’s Germany, and saw the box where Hitler sat during the Olympic games. On day two, they travelled by train to Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where they were shown around by a tour guide, which included a visit to the Jewish barracks and being told about the history of the area, including a recent hate crime where one of the Jewish barracks was burned down. On the third day, they travelled to the Brandenburg gate to learn about the history of the gate and that it had been moved twice since its creation, once stolen by Napoleon. The Brandenburg gate is the site of many important political speeches, including one made by Barack Obama during his presidency. The group were then corralled into the Reichstag building and then made a short detour to the Berlin Holocaust memorial.

Thank you to everyone involved in running the trips and ensuring they were a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience for all the pupils involved. 


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