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CSO ‘Green Beans’ go behind the recycling scenes

Wednesday, 06 March 2019

On Friday 1 March, City of London School’s very own environmental enthusiasts, the Green Beans, paid a visit to the Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility to learn all about recycling. On arriving at the site, they were all given a short safety demonstration and presentation on the figures of recycling in Greater London, the various problems that can crop up when recycling at home and, the consequences that they result in at the facility.

They were then given a special uniform to wear when inside the facility, where they were led around the many stages of the recycling of different materials. The recycling came from various homes in Southwark, and has to be separated in lots of different ways. For example, there is a machine which separates aluminium from other types of recycled waste. It has a special type of magnet which lifts aluminium onto a different conveyer belt. They do this because they can sell aluminium to another company for funds for the facility.

The group were then shown the final packaged product which they send off to a site to be further processed.

They learnt lots from this trip and it has helped pupils gain lots of knowledge about how we can help CLS to help to recycle as best and efficiently as possible.

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