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The Conservation Generation

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Year 10 spend the day participating in Environment Action Day, the first of its kind here at CLS. The event was planned by Mr. Thomson who gave a welcome talk to introduce the event to the year group. He spoke about a future twenty years from now, where he detailed what the history of climate change could look like. 

A representative from Greenpeace gave a presentation about industries responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. A speaker from Campaign Against Climate Change spoke to the pupils about political action and recent events in climate activism.

After the morning talks, the pupils attended workshops run by three different departments: English, Geography, and Science. They looked at different aspects of the environment within their respective departments. There was also an afternoon workshop, which consisted of getting pupils to look at the personal carbon footprint which they produce. The workshops were aimed to make them reflect upon how we as humans have helped in the destruction of the planet and its complex ecosystem.

Later, in the workshop, they were informed about Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish girl, who sparked the rise of protests around the world by school children. They learned about what inspired her to raise her concerns about climate change and what she aims to achieve from the protests. Pupils were then given the chance to produce memes to help raise awareness for climate change.


We, as a generation, should be doing more in order to help combat this rise in global warming.
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