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Politics Society welcomes Stephen Pound and Baroness Caroline Cox

Friday, 17 May 2019

On Friday 3 May, Politics Society hosted Stephen Pound, MP for Ealing North. He discussed his efforts at campaigning for genocide recognition and other Armenian issues as the chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Armenia, as well as his deep respect and fascination with the Armenian people. He spoke about Armenia’s unique culture and how it has continued in diaspora, long after the Ottomans tried to extinguish their nation.

They also had the privilege of hosting Baroness Caroline Cox. In her talk on Thursday 2 May, Baroness Cox gave a powerful account of the horrors of the Genocide and presented a strong case with undeniable evidence for why the UK must join France and Germany in formally recognising the massacres that took place as genocide. She went on to explain how refusing to recognise the Armenian Genocide gave perpetrators a sense of impunity simply leading to more genocides in the future, as was seen during the 1990s with the ruthless ethnic cleansing of Armenians perpetrated by Turkey’s ally Azerbaijan. Baroness Cox is a humanitarian aid worker and has spent much of her life campaigning for issues relating to her work overseas. Her talk was a particularly moving one featuring her own experiences of working with survivors of genocide and their heart-breaking eyewitness accounts.

Both talks were followed by an engaging question and answer session between the speakers and pupils and we are grateful for the touching and informative lectures that were delivered.

Politics Society hosted Baroness Caroline Cox and Stephen Pound, MP to speak about the Armenian Genocide.
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