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Geographers take to the mountains

Friday, 17 May 2019

Last weekend, a Sixth Form group of CLS Geographers spent a few days in the mountains of Snowdonia completing some intense fieldwork. The green hills and meadows provided a welcome break from London’s grey skyscraper jungle.

On their first day, they headed into the mountains to begin their trek up Mount Snowdon. Starting at roughly 50m above sea level, they had over 1000m of vertical ascent before reaching the summit. The mountain guide provided helpful tips and fascinating facts throughout, making the journey even more memorable. On the way down the mountain, they stopped every 50m to collect data on a range of climatic variables - armed with an assortment of anemometers, hygrometers, luxmeters and soil probes.

Day two saw the group taking a tour of Snowdonia’s fascinating geological features, carved out by periods of glaciation. Starting at the iconic corrie lake of Cwm Idwal, they made our way over the rock lip and enjoyed a breath-taking view of Nant Ffrancon, a U-shaped glacial valley. Following the path of the glacial ice (which retreated 14,000 years ago), they made their way down to the coast where the glaciers would have met Irish sea ice during the last glacial period. Our geography teachers provided an insight into a variety of features including Roche Moutonnées (rock sheep), eskers, kames, and varves. 

The final day included a visit to Llandudno where pupils were able to practise their GIS (Geographic Information System) skills, building on the data collection methods they had used in the mountains. Local guides helped evaluate issues of spatial inequality, and to realise how these varied depending on location; ultimately, they were able to quantify some of these factors and record corresponding data.

 A huge thank you to the centre Rhyd y Creuau, and most importantly our geography teachers Mr Hadley, Mr Davies, and Ms McFarlane for making the trip so memorable.

The green hills and meadows provided a welcome break from London’s grey skyscraper jungle.
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