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City of London School’s Medical Society presents: MediCon

Monday, 17 June 2019

On Saturday 15 June, the City of London School’s Medical Society hosted the annual Medical Conference - MediCon. The event consisted of talks and panel discussions by speakers from across the professional healthcare spectrum and was designed to provide prospective medical students with an insight into their potential future careers and university admissions. The day was targeted at students in Year 11 and Year 12 who are considering applying to study medicine in the UK. 

Dr Ken Watters and Daniel Huddart were the first of the featured speakers. Dr Ken Watters, a senior director of a pharmaceutical company, inspired the students by giving an insight into the day to day experiences of the NHS. He had discussed the definition of medical professionalism and deontology and explained how doctors must show empathy and sympathy in such cases. A very thorough and detailed explanation of the medical admissions process was given by a senior tutor of the Medic Portal, Daniel Huddart, providing step by step overview of crafting a stunning personal statement. Moreover, he gave the students vital information about the question types for medical admission tests and for the interview process. Daniel’s advice about the careful choice of medical schools and a description of the different requirements for each was particularly useful to understand. Dr Rishi Shukla gave a run through of his journey to becoming a doctor, covering fundamental aspects such as expectations and requirements at interview, study life during and after university and life as a junior doctor. Dr Sandy Gupta gave a snapshot of his career as a cardiologist in multiple hospitals including Barts and introduced concepts such as Macho Culture and lifetime of radiation.

During the lunch break, students were given an opportunity to participate in volunteering for various medical charities including Projects Abroad, Tiny Tickers (the School Charity) and the Royal Free. After lunch, the City of London School Medical Society led group discussions about current medical affairs and medical ethics. Topics included: Challenges facing the NHS, use of cannabis derivatives for treatment, ethics and ultra Processed Foods. The students not only grasped the content of the discussions well, but also came up with interesting ideas and were encouraged to form a debate. 

The last featured speaker of the day was Dr William Wallis, a cardiac interventionalist, who explained his line of work and effectively compared the management of a Private Practice with that of the NHS. As a cardiac expert, he explained how the job requires practical diligence and interpreted some onboard images of the heart in different conditions.

Before lunch, the students were asked to post interesting questions on SLI.DO, which would be put to a group of 4 medical students, junior doctors and medical school interviewers on a panel, regarding the entry into a medical career. The speakers were Keval Dunger, Shiobahn Cooke, Vishnu Velou and Aidan Ng. The speakers gave details about workload, holidays and further advantageous tips about the medical admissions process.


Fundamental aspects such as expectations and requirements at interview, study life during and after university and life as a junior doctor were covered.
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