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Art & Design Summer Show 2019

Friday, 28 June 2019

This week saw the opening of the annual Art and Design Summer Show. Two of the School’s artists reflect on their work. We are tremendously proud of the work on show and our pupils who have received offers to continue their studies on highly competitive art courses.

Ethan, Senior Sixth:

The past two years of my Art A-Level culminated in the school’s exhibition. The exhibition showcased not only the work produced by the GCSE and A-Level pupils but also the tests, research and experimentation that goes into studying Art beyond Third Form. The pupils have poured hours into their work and the show is an opportunity for parents and teachers to gain an insight into what the 2019 cohort has produced. Furthermore, the exhibition allows us – particularly those in Sixth Form – to have a go at the curatorial side of the artistic process. I have fond memories of choosing a colour and painting the walls of the department when I was in Junior Sixth and this year, in Senior Sixth, I helped choose the atmosphere of our area – a decision unanimous between the Senior Sixth Artists. The Art department has offered some great opportunities: personal highlights include trips to Venice and Amsterdam, and invaluable experiences during CLS London Week visiting artists and curators involved in Art of the African Diaspora. However, the exhibition is not the end of my journey with Art as I go on to a year’s Foundation Course at the Royal Drawing School in Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Alfie, Senior Sixth:

"This year’s exhibition boasts a diverse range of art using a variety of techniques from cyanotype to Sewing images, truly reflecting the experience of studying Art at this school. The exhibition was a brilliant culmination of my art at City and for those at GCSE was the product of two years of hard work that the subject requires. Art has been a central part of my time at CLS; eventually leading me to continue my art in a foundation year at Kingston, my first choice of courses. The two years of studying art at A level has resulted in huge development for me in many areas, aided hugely by all within the art department. The 2017 art trip to Venice was transformative for how I viewed art and a major highlight in my time at City. I believe that the mixture of the modern art, from the Biennale, and the traditional art, such as in the Doge’s Palace, inspired me to take my own work to a new level. In my work I have explored themes of changing use of land and textures supported by studies of wide-ranging artists such as Vermeer, Boccioni and Diebenkorn."

We wish the boys every success and look forward to hearing of their progress.

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