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Here we row again

Thursday, 04 July 2019

Our annual 48-hour Sponsored Row has come to an end. The event is a staple highlight of the charitable year and one that continues to raise significant sums of money for great causes. It involves a group of dedicated Third - Sixth Formers, staying (and sleeping!) in School for two consecutive days, all while keeping two rowing machines consistently active. Their two days were spent encouraging passers-by to donate some spare change for Tiny Tickers and keeping the motivational atmosphere going. Working in shifts, they were able to row roughly 1,500km, more than the distance between Land’s End and John o’ Groats.

In the evenings, the rowing machines were moved inside, and fuelled with piles of pizza, the overnight team kept going until dawn - certainly a slightly surreal experience rowing in school at 3am, but memorable and worthwhile, nonetheless.

As the sun rose in the mornings over St Paul’s Cathedral, the machines were once again moved outside, and their fundraising efforts resumed. Groups from all over the world stopped frequently to chat about the event, and to support them by donating generously. On the first morning, the City of London Police even stopped by to offer their support by rowing for a period of time. The second evening coincided with the Cavatina Orchestra’s Charity Concert, so they traded our modern pop music for more classical tunes and received very generous bucket donations from attendees in return.

In the final hour of rowing, as the end was just in sight, a small crowd began to form to watch the pupils cross the 9am‘ finish line’.

Thank you to the rowers, fundraisers and supporters – it just couldn’t have been done without them. The money raised will go a long way to help increase detection of heart defects in babies across the UK – a huge thank you to everyone who donated and supported!

Fuelled with piles of pizza, the overnight team kept going until dawn.
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