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Heidi Allen talks politics

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

This week, the Politics Society welcomed Heidi Allen to speak to our pupils. The talk attracted much well-deserved attention from all year groups across the School. The former leader of Change UK, a pro-Europe group of defecting MPs which formed in February in response to the increasingly frustrating positions of the two major parties, she has been an influential figure in shaping the Brexit debate today.

After a short introduction outlining her angle on the turmoil in Westminster, she answered an array of questions from students on subjects ranging from her position in the remain alliance (responding that she thought it was an important tool for pro-EU MPs) to her motivation behind going into politics in 2011 (somewhat sarcastically suggesting it was at her husband’s recommendation).

There was no shortage of contentious questions from the sixth form either, as seems to be the tradition with political speakers here.

Many thanks to Heidi for coming to speak to us. 

There was no shortage of contentious questions from the Sixth Form.
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