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Pupil's Geography Pre-U revision app goes global

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Returning students would fail to notice the significant IT developments at CLS. New interactive screens and a complete overhaul of computers in all classrooms have given a new, vibrant feel to the school and empowered teachers to deliver fantastic lessons. The use of digital technologies is a focus of the school and we continue to invest more time in order to refine and maximise the opportunities at our disposal.

But it is not just the staff body that have engaged in this process and recently one of our Sixth Form students has helped to broaden our use of phones to by designing a revision app for the Cambridge International Examinations Board Pre-U Geography course. In between his entrepreneurial endeavours and academic studies, David found time last summer to work with our Pre-U Geography students and develop an application that would allow them to access all of our tailor-made resources at the touch of a button. Upon doing so he presented it to the Pre-U Geography Schools group held at CLS this summer where it met with great appreciation from Heads of Geography and teachers from up and down the country.

However, his development has not been without trouble and the process, his first experience of bringing an Apple app to market, produced a steep learning curve. Upon submission for approval Apple initially rejected it, perceiving it as lacking functionality and David was forced to conduct more focus groups and forums to develop it further. Significant time investment and a redesign were required and over the summer he devoted many hours to rectifying the issues. Pleasingly, after resubmission in August, Apple approved it and it is now live on AppStore, free to all students who study Pre-U Geography. Course guidance, past exam papers, essay writing skills and more are easily accessible in an application that allows you to personalise and access only what you need.

David is to be congratulated on his success and the Geography department is grateful for his efforts. Continued refinement is the order of the term, to improve it further, and possibly designing and Android version too. David is applying to read Computer Sciences at university and we wish him well. With the skills that he has demonstrated so far we have no doubt he is one to watch for the future.

You can download the app for free here.

David found time last summer to work with our Pre-U Geography students to develop the app.
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