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Switchback chosen as our charity partner for 2019/20

Friday, 11 October 2019

Three weeks ago, after some intense research from the newly elected Charity Committee, four charities were presented to the budding voters at CLS; AfriKids, CLIC Sargent, Young Minds and Switchback. Four members of the Committee gave interesting and thoroughly informative talks, with the PowerPoints to match, to ensure that each CLS pupil made an informed decision and voted for the charity that they truly believed in. Now, the results are in and Switchback has been clearly chosen to be our charity of choice for the upcoming campaign.

Switchback aims to tackle the issue of re-offending among young men in the UK. It works with men from between the ages of 18-30, the age at which convicts are most likely to re-offend, to ensure they acquire the transferrable skills needed to build a stable future outside of prison. It does this through a 1 to 1 mentoring programme to work regularly with ex-convicts until they have made real, long-lasting positive changes to the way they live their lives. Originally recommended to the Charity Committee by the former head of Sixth Form, Mr Emerson, Switchback is a small charity that specifically works with convicts in the London area. The money raised this year by CLS pupils will have a hugely significant impact on the charity's work, especially if this year's Committee can surpass the total raised last year, which Mika, the Chairman of the Charity Committee, insists is just ‘a mere checkpoint’ of the total that will be raised this year.

The announcement of the School's choice of charity also marks the official start of this year's charity campaign - we can't wait to see where this year takes us! 


Switchback aims to tackle the issue of re-offending among young men in the UK.
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