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A-level Art pupils visit the Venice Biennale

Wednesday, 06 November 2019

During half term, A-level Art students explored Venice in order to see the Venice Biennale. The trip started with a visit to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, which houses a vast array of pioneering 20th-century artwork from Pablo Picasso to Marcel Duchamp. 

The following morning, pupils took a riverboat to the Arsenale, one of the two venues for the Venice Biennale. The Biennale is biannual event which showcases contemporary art from around the world, with many different countries choosing an artist to represent them. 

Ralph Rugoff, who curated this year’s exhibition, titled it, ‘May You Live In Interesting Times’, a turn of phrase which, originates from a speech by the British MP Joseph Chamberlain, prompting this year’s artists to explore the themes of identity, fake news and a changing society among others. Pupils took a visit to the Doge’s palace and then to the Musei di Piazza San Marco, followed by the Museo Corer.

On the last day, pupils went back to the second part of the Biennale, the Giardini and the last item on the itinerary was the Accademia. Filled with work by the likes of Titian and Tintoretto, it was quite the contrast to the contemporary works they had seen just an hour earlier butt there were some impressively large paintings.

Click here for a video from the trip.

Many thanks to Mr Sanders and the Art Department for leading this half-term trip. 


This year’s artists explored themes of identity, fake news and a changing society.
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