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CLS Robotics team present 'Smart House' at Royal Society

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Our robotics society recently selected some of its members to travel to the Royal Society. The day began with a lecture by a professor of Psychology at UCL, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore. The theme was the development of the adolescent brain and why teenagers feel the need take so many risks, ergo getting into accidents. Overall the talk was very engaging, informative and left everyone thinking about reasons why we should be more cautious when playing truth or dare with friends.

The robotics society presented their Smart House project- the goal being to maximise the efficiency of households in terms of their monthly energy consumption. The team of pupils presented this to senior members of the Royal Society, and to other research teams operating in schools such as Sevenoaks and The Thomas Hardye school. Many pupils had to opportunity to showcase their projects, which were well prepared and creative - one team is currently inventing a formula for a drug to cure people who have Mycetoma disease, using open-source research.

After lunch, everyone scurried back to their stalls to present their projects to guests from various universities. Although it was a busy day, meeting new people with varying degrees of understanding of robotics/engineering and explaining to them ideas they pupils want to convey through their designs and models was certainly enlightening.

Well done to the robotics team.

The goal of the 'Smart House' is to maximize the efficiency of households in terms of their monthly energy consumption.
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