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CLS take on Math Olympian

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Congratulations to Oliver, John  Allen and Andy who triumphed in the recent Senior Team Maths Challenge, securing a place in the National Final in February. 

Our team dropped four marks in their last round but it was sufficient to see them through, along with Dame Alice Owen’s. CLS took on a plethora of mainly North London schools, including UCS, Woodford County and Henrietta Barnett. There was even a Maths Olympian amongst the Dame Alice Owen’s team so the competition was fierce! 

One of the Group Round questions was a “word sum”. Here is a challenging example of a word sum - Try finding the ten digits (all different) that replace each of the ten letters to make the sum A+MERRY+XMAS=TURKEY.

Good luck to the team in the final's next year! 

The team have secured a place in February's National Final.
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