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Pupil production 'Pastiche' is a smash hit

Friday, 20 March 2020

Last week saw a cast of six perform the student-led production of Pastiche, written and directed by the talented Senior Sixth Form pupil, Joao. The play follows two singers from the same record label who lock horns in a moving media battle as Ansel Sears (performed by Dominic, Senior Sixth Form) accuses Jason Crane (performed by James, Senior Sixth Form) of stealing his song.

Whilst Jason appears to the public as the protagonist in the feud, the audi­ence immediately warms to Ansel’s raw emotionality and sympathise with him as he becomes the object of Jason’s ruthless, emotional deception. Having been abused by his label and the media, Ansel becomes a spiteful, tragic mess who crudely criticises the music in­dustry. The artist’s downward spiral is propelled by the break-down of his relationship with Kate Fowen (performed by CLSG’s Sophia) as well as his alcohol­ism which unfortunately is an all-too-familiar problem amongst artists.

Joaos’ inspirations for this brilliant piece of theatre range from his passion for music, to the creative destruction of artists as they work under the pressure of ruthless label owners. The media’s treatment of Ansel is somewhat relevant to today’s ‘cancel-culture’ – a form of boycotting and trolling someone due to a controversial opinion or action of theirs, predominantly on social media.

Pastiche was a flowing, engaging piece of the­atre that skilfully commented on rele­vant, modern themes.

A huge congrat­ulations are owed to the cast and crew, co-director Jesse, and espe­cially to Joao on his successful script and play! We can't wait for the next student production. 

A flowing, engaging piece of the­atre that skillfully commented on relevant, modern themes.
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